What Size Unit Do You Need?

Determining which size storage unit you need isn’t always easy. In fact, it is pretty common to misestimate your storage needs. Storage facilities will err on the side of caution and recommend a unit the next size up to what their customers think they will need.

The reason being? In most cases, you will need more space than you initially think. Some of the more common reasons are as simple as forgetting to measure furniture and appliances at their widest parts. (Handles, clawed feet, and armrests). Or you don’t realize how much “stuff” you actually had.

This blog post was written to help you determine your storage needs!

5′ x 10′ Units

A 5 x 10 unit is 50 square feet or approximately the same size as a walk-in closet. These units are great for those needing a space for their seasonal belongings. Seasonal and holiday decor and outdoor furniture and tools are just a few things you can store. The image depicted is a 5×10 unit containing boxes, a chair, a 7-foot long couch, and a king-size mattress (on its side).

10′ x 10′ Units

A 10 x 10 unit is 100 square feet, similar in size to a small apartment bedroom. 10×10’s are one of our most popular inquiries because they can hold the contents and furnishes of a 1-bedroom apartment with appliances, boxes, and other small items. The image shows a 10′ by 10′ unit containing a king-size mattress on its side, a 7-foot long couch, an armchair, a washer and dryer set, a refrigerator, an oven, as well as a five-drawer dresser, two nightstands, and a moving box.

10′ x 20′ Units

A 10′ by 20′ unit is 200 square feet or about the size of a small 1 car garage. These units can hold furnishings form a 2 bedroom apartment including appliances. Perfect for those who are moving, or who inherited an estate.

In the image, you can see a 10 x 20 unit in action. Housing several boxes, chairs, a living room set, two king-size mattresses, a dining room table, and four chairs, along with 4 nightstands, two dressers, and household appliances like a fridge, washer and dryer set, and oven.

10′ x 25′ Unit

A 10′ by 25′ unit is 250 square feet or around the size of a standard garage. A unit of this capacity can handle the furnishings of a 2 bedroom house. The image on the left shows two Cal King-sized beds flat. As well as a living room set, dining room set, appliances, 4 nightstands, a large desk, and a stack of moving boxes.

10′ x 20′ Tall Door Units

Our storage yard also offers a 10′ by 20′ unit with a Tall Door. These specialty units are on a concrete slab which allows for a car to be parked inside of the unit. The unit’s floor space is 200 square feet, so if you are looking to park a vehicle in a unit and store household items alongside it keep in mind the dimensions of the unit compared to that of your car and belongings. Another feature of these Tall Door units is that they have a higher ceiling making the total usable space in the unit nearly that of a 10′ by 25′ unit. These units are a great alternative for storing if the larger unit is not available.

The storage unit mock-ups above show what you can fit on the floor of the units. Please note that this birds-eye view will not allow for an adequate depiction of how items can be stacked to store more than shown.

If you have any questions regarding unit sizes, or what might fit into a unit feel free to Contact Us

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