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Placerville Mini Storage
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Placerville,  CA

Average ANNUAL Savings when you store with STORAGEVILLE, USA

5 x10 Unit Rates



$75 for a 5 x 12


$109 – $115

$85 for a 5 x 8





10 x 10 Unit Rates




$153 – $215

$169 – $179


$99 – $140




10 x 20 Unit Rates


$241 – $255



$269 – $299


$165 – $215




10 x 25 Unit Rates


$256 – 267

$225 for a 12 x 24


$369 for a 10 x 30

$285 for a 15 x 20





RV & Boat Parking Rates



$80 – $155




$55 – $155




Current as of 02/13/2024

3675 Chuckwagon Way, Placerville, CA, 95667

Overview of Storageville USA

Storageville USA has established itself as a reliable and customer-friendly storage provider.  With a convenient location in El Dorado County, we cater to individual and business storage needs. Storageville USA’s facility is known for its security, cleanliness, and customer service. The storage units come in various sizes, and the pricing is competitive within the market.

Pricing Structure

We offer a tiered pricing model based on the size and type of the storage unit. Here is a breakdown of their pricing:

  1. Small Units (5×5 to 5×10 feet):

    • Monthly Rent: $75

    • Best suited for storing small furniture, boxes, and seasonal items.

  2. Medium Units (10×10 feet):

    • Monthly Rent: $125

    • Ideal for storing the contents of a one-bedroom apartment.

  3. Large Units (10×20 to 10×25 feet):

    • Monthly Rent: $200 – $250

    • Suitable for storing the contents of a two-bedroom house.

  4. Vehicle Storage:

    • Outdoor Parking: $85 per month

    • Covered Parking: $100 – $150 per month

Storageville USA offers month to month leases on our units.

Additional Services and Features

There are several additional services that add value to our offerings:

  • Easy Drive-Up Access to all units: Customers can access their units with ease.

  • High Security: The facility is equipped with surveillance cameras, electronic gate access, and security lighting

  • Manager Available After Hours by Phone

Comparison with Local Competitors

To provide a comprehensive comparison, we will look at several local competitors without naming them directly and analyze their pricing, services, and overall value. The competitors include:

  1. Local Storage Competitor A

  2. Local Storage Competitor B

  3. Local Storage Competitor C

Local Storage Competitor A


  • Small Units: $149 per month

  • Medium Units: $153 – $274 per month

  • Large Units: $270 – $274 per month

  • Climate-Controlled Units: Additional 25%

  • Vehicle Storage: not offered

Services and Features:

  • Access Hours 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

  • Standard Security Measures

  • Packing Supplies Available

  • Limited Moving Assistance

  • Online Bill Payment

Analysis: Local Storage Competitor A offers a comparable range of storage unit sizes to Storageville USA but is slightly more expensive for all unit sizes. Their climate-controlled units are also pricier, their security measures are also comparable to Storageville USA’s, however, this facility does not offer vehicle storage.

Local Storage Competitor B


  • Small Units: $125 per month

  • Medium Units: $160 – $215 per month

  • Large Units: are not offered

  • Vehicle Storage: is not offered

Services and Features:

  • Limited Access Hours (8 AM – 8 PM)

  • Enhanced Security (Cameras, Management lives on site)

  • No Packing Supplies

  • No Moving Assistance

  • Online Bill Payment

Analysis: Local Storage Competitor B offers slightly lower prices for small and medium units but has limited access hours, which may not be convenient for all customers. Their security features are robust, but the lack of additional services like packing supplies and moving assistance could be a drawback.

Local Storage Competitor C


  • Small Units: $45 – $65 per month

  • Medium Units: $90 – $130 per month

  • Large Units: $160 – $220 per month

  • Climate-Controlled Units: Additional 18%

  • Vehicle Storage: $55 – $90 per month

Services and Features:

  • 24/7 Access

  • Basic Security (Cameras, Fencing)

  • Packing Supplies Available

  • Comprehensive Moving Assistance

  • Online Bill Payment

Analysis: Local Storage Competitor C offers the most competitive pricing across all unit sizes. They also provide 24/7 access and comprehensive moving assistance, making them a strong contender. However, their customer service doesn’t hold a candle that of Storageville USA.

Value for Money

When evaluating storage options, it’s crucial to consider not just the price but the overall value for money. Here’s how Storageville USA stacks up against the competition in terms of value:

  • Security: Storageville USA excels in security, with surveillance cameras, electronic gate access, and managers available by phone after hour, providing peace of mind for customers. Competitors A and C offer basic to standard security, while Competitor B has enhanced security but limited access hours.

  • Accessibility: Storageville USA and Competitors A and C offer 24/7 access, providing flexibility for customers. Competitor B’s limited hours may be a significant inconvenience. 

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Customer reviews can provide insight into the real-world experience of using storage facilities. Here’s a summary of reviews for Storageville USA and the local competitors:

  • Storageville USA: Customers frequently praise the excellent customer service, cleanliness of the facilities, and the high-security measures. The ease of access and online bill payment are also highlighted as significant advantages. Some customers have noted that the pricing is slightly higher than some local competitors, but they feel the additional services and security are worth the cost.

  • Local Storage Competitor A: Reviews are generally positive, with customers appreciating the availability of packing supplies. However, some have mentioned issues with customer service and higher prices for larger units.

  • Local Storage Competitor B: Customers commend the enhanced security and competitive pricing for small units. However, the limited access hours and lack of additional services are common points of criticism.

  • Local Storage Competitor C: This competitor receives high marks for their competitive pricing and comprehensive moving assistance. However, some customers feel that the security could be improved.


In the competitive landscape of self-storage, Storageville USA stands out for its robust security features, hours of access, and additional services that enhance customer convenience. While their pricing is competitive with local competitors, the overall value for money, considering the enhanced security, ease of access, and customer service, makes Storageville USA a strong contender for anyone seeking reliable storage solutions.

Local competitors offer varying levels of pricing and services, with Competitor C providing the most competitive pricing but lacking in security, and Competitor B offering strong security but with limited access and additional services. Competitor A is comparable in services but generally more expensive for larger units.

Ultimately, the choice of a storage facility will depend on individual needs and priorities. For those who prioritize security, accessibility, and additional services, Storageville USA is an excellent choice. Evaluating the specific requirements and weighing them against the offerings of each provider will ensure that customers find the best storage solution for their needs.