RV Dump Stations in El Dorado County

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Where to find RV Dump Stations in El Dorado County

STORAGEVILLE USA wants to help you lighten your load while traveling El Dorado County, or before parking your RV for the season. We have compiled a list of local Waste Water or Dump Stations located in El Dorado County along the HWY 50 Corridor. 

Finding the nearest waste water or dump station sites in El Dorado County can be tricky. There are not many locations in El Dorado County that are open for public use, however, we compiled a list of local companies and rest areas along the Highway 50 Corridor that you may not want to pass by. 


RV Dump Station Locations & Phone Numbers

RV Dump Station Map

Image Map of RV Dump Stations in El Dorado County

Other Dump Station Resources

If you are traveling along other routes near Placerville, California you may find RV Dump Sites to be a useful tool that will leave you feeling flushed with success, or like you have hit the mother loo… er.. load.