Your Guide to RV Pest Prevention

RV Pest Prevention

Your Guide to RV Pest Prevention

Why RV Pest Prevention is Important

RV pest prevention is a crucial aspect of maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of your recreational vehicle. As an RV owner, it is essential to understand the importance of taking proactive measures to prevent pests from infesting your vehicle. By implementing proper pest prevention techniques, you can avoid potential damage to your RV’s structure and electrical systems, as well as protect yourself and your fellow travelers from health hazards associated with pests. 

Pests such as rodents, insects, and spiders can easily find their way into your RV through small openings or gaps in doors, windows, vents, or plumbing systems. Once inside, they can cause extensive damage by chewing through wires, insulation, upholstery, and even structural components. Additionally, these pests can carry diseases and allergens that pose health risks to occupants.

Implementing effective pest prevention strategies involves a combination of regular maintenance practices and the use of preventive products. Regularly inspecting your RV for any signs of pest activity or entry points is crucial. Sealing any gaps or cracks with suitable materials will help prevent pests from entering. Furthermore, keeping your RV clean and free from food debris will discourage pests from being attracted to your vehicle.

There are also various preventive products available on the market specifically designed for RV pest control. These may include insect repellents for exterior surfaces or interior treatments that deter pests from entering specific areas. Utilizing these products in conjunction with proper maintenance practices can significantly reduce the risk of a pest infestation in your RV.

By prioritizing RV pest prevention measures, you not only protect the value and longevity of your investment but also ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for you and your loved ones.

5 Steps to RV Pest Prevention

1. Sealing Entry Points:

Sealing entry points not only helps to keep unwanted critters out, but it
also helps to improve energy efficiency, and helps prevent drafts and leaks. Identifying and
sealing any gaps or cracks in your RV’s exterior can create a barrier that
pests cannot easily penetrate.

2. Proper Food Storage:

Use airtight containers or resealable bags to store dry goods like
cereals, pasta, and snacks. This prevents pests from detecting the scent of
food items and being lured into your RV. 

Keep perishable items refrigerated at all times. Maintaining a consistent temperature inside your RV
refrigerator helps deter insects and bacteria from spoiling your food supply.

Dispose of any expired or spoiled food promptly.
Leaving rotten items in your pantry or refrigerator not only attracts pests but can also pose possible health risks. 

3. Regular Cleaning :

Rodents, Ants, Flies, and even Bears (Oh My!), can be attracted to the smallest traces of food inside of your Recreational Vehicle. Cleaning your RV after meals will help prevent unwanted guests from snacking on your leftovers and invading your space. 

4. Outdoor Area Maintenance:

Whether you are parking for the night, or camping for a week you should always inspect your campsite for signs of wildlife and pests.

 One of the best parts of camping is seeing and living alongside the critters you would not normally see at home, unfortunately, sometimes those critters want to come home with us. Before unpacking any food items, take a look at your campsite and inspect for signs of wildlife that might benefit from an easy water or food source. Also, Take this into consideration when you pack-up camp to head back home. 

5. Implementing the use of Pest Control Products.

There are a number of products on the market that either act as pest prevention, or pest control that you may find useful in your vacation home on wheels.  STORAGEVILLE USA, always recommends checking with our office before utilizing products that may cause secondary poisoning to the natural predators in our area. 

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 Hiring Professional Help: When to Call an Exterminator or Pest Control Service

If you are having an issue with pests, please contact STORAGEVILLE USA, as we pride ourselves in the cleanliness and upkeep of our storage facility, and keeping our customers informed. Your call to us could help your neighbor, and further help in pest prevention.

Local Pest Management Companies

Alpine Pest Management 

(530) 444-2015

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(530) 993-2159

Disclaimer: The above mentioned pest control companies are not by any means a recommendation from Storageville USA. These are local companies that service the El Dorado County area. Please, be sure to research each company and use your best  discretion before making any decisions.